Beer can house in texas

Photo credit: TexasExplorer98 This is a beer can house in Texas, there’s plenty of things to do with beer cans!


 See what you can do with your leftover Beer Cans!

Most people are familiar with beer can chicken. Did you know there are a ton of other great things to do with beer cans? Cans are a byproduct of our daily lives. Some states require that people who buy cans have to pay a deposit on them. When they take them back to the store they are refunded the deposit. This cuts down on littering and actually in many areas people short on cash will collect them from garbage cans and take them to the stores for money. This website is here to talk about all the great things that can be done with cans. There are people who have even insulated houses with beer cans! If there is something creative that has, or can be done with beer cans you are sure to see it here!

Hard up for Christmas Decorations and have no cash to buy them?

Beer Can wreath made from pbr

Who needs money for Christmas decorations? Photo by Krupp

You don’t need any cash for decorations! All you need is a good

healthy thirst for Pabst blue ribbon! He says he made this with a foam wreath backer and a lot of hot glue. My favorite part is the finishing touch provided by the red ribbon. Looks like it would take about a case or so to make this. This next Christmas make sure to get all the friends together to drink PBR and be merry. Tell your friends to bring some beer and hot glue guns.

Need more Decoration Ideas?

Beer can flowers. Cut the flowers from a can and dye them.

Photo and flower beer can art by June Campbell

How about beer can flower wall decor? These would look great anywhere you care to put them. She cut them with a die of some sort and dyed them with alcohol ink. There’s no limit to what can be created from the aluminum beer can!


When You get to the airport whatever you do Keep those pesky security officers away from all of your beer cans!

Its none of their business how many beverages you choose to travel with.

Beer in suitcases and beer in backpacks. It time to travel!

Keep those federal agents away from your beer cans at the airport! They only want to keep all of your beer for themselves. Photo: Apothecary


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