Car made from Beer Cans

Car made from beer cans

Need a ride but “gots” no cash?? Check this…
Photo By Izatrini

The Beer Can Car

Hard up for a ride but short on bling bling? Don’t worry this car will offer both in one really sweet package!

I can not imagine how many days and nights spent drinking  it took to make this. Judging by the choice of beer I am thinking mid west somewhere. I haven’t investigated the story behind this car too much. All I can think about is how big of a nightmare it must have been to create it. The people who made it must have been sober at least once in a while, because some of the parts look like they would take meticulous work to configure. A car made out of beer cans, now that’s something I never thought I would see! Turned out pretty good though, I especially like the attention to detail in the wheels.

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