Beer Can Stove

Making A Beer Can Stove

The finished beer can stove, a really easy do it yourself project

Here is the beer can stove I made. I can’t say I have used it, but it seems like it should work.

There are a ton of creative people who have made some top notch beer can stoves. I have made a couple myself, but I didn’t make these videos. I figured I could spend more time making other pages for your enjoyment than to saturate youtube with yet another video of the stove making process.

So here are a couple pretty good videos that will teach you everything you need to know about the stove making process. The first video is a pretty easy strait forward design.

The second video however is a little more in depth. This video also uses an aluminum beer bottle, so its not technically a can. I figured if you wanted the best home made stove option, this video is for you. He gives really good clear instruction, and you can make a high quality stove easily. Similar beer can and bottle stoves sell for quite a bit of money. If you have a free afternoon and a 6 pack, this might be a good project to take on.



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Jewelry From Beer Cans?

Necklace made from a beer can

June Campbell made this Tussie mussie from a beer can. I know what a beer can is, but I sure as hell don’t know what a tussie mussie is.

Making Jewelry from Beer Cans

There are so many creative way to use the beer can it is absolutely ridiculous. Chances are if there is something you want, you can probably make it out of beer cans. This photo shows something that is called a tussie mussie. I have been alive for a while and I haven’t heard of such a thing before, but it apparently is something. I wouldn’t wear it, but I am a guy so….

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