8 Years of Beer Cans Found in a Renters House!

A Serious Beer Can Hoarder Found in Odgden, UT

8 Years worth of beer cans stored in a single mans house in Utah. ┬áHe apparently always payed rent on time, and other than his beer cans there was no trash or other messes. Clearly he loved beer cans more than anyone. Maybe he was waiting to take a trip to Michigan toa room filled with beer cans collect the .10 cent deposit per can? Either way he had really accumulated a nice collection of Coors light cans. Notice the image on the right, that’s a bed in there! Where did he sleep? Notice the front door of the house is also completely covered in cans.(see image below) That looks like a living room of sorts? What I really want to know is where this guy sat and drank all of this beer? Especially in the winter time.

I am not sure what this guy was up to. Possibly watching too much Sienfeld.. Remember the episode where they are taking a truckload of cans to Michigan for the deposit? If not, here it is for your entertainment, it is frieking hilarious! Its worth watching again even if you have seen it before.



A huge beer can collection

Now that is a fine collection of beer cans!

Beer can boxes stacked up

Maybe he was going to use these for a massive bonfire. Or possibly put the cans back in them for easy transport to Michigan to collect the refund.

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