A Beer Can Fat Tire Dress

A Dress Made from Beer Cans

Looks like some sort of Hippy outfit to me. I can surly envision girls dancing around in this thing at some grateful dead festivals.

A dress made from beer cans of Fat tire microbrew

Photo: Quan Ha

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Beer Can Tab Necklaces Earrings and Fashion Accessories

A Complete lineup of Beer and Pop Can Made Jewelry and Fashion Accessories

These are all photos and Artwork done by Claudia Zimmer

A fancy necklace made from beer can tops.

A fancy Necklace made from the lids of beer and pop cans. This is a remarkable piece of jewelry no? Created by Claudia Zimmer


Beer can and pop can purses in 3 different colors.

Three color choices, I would go green personally

Purse made from Beer can tabs

This one looks like a designer bag..


Fashion rings made from beer can tabs

These are fashionable rings don’t you think?


A purse with flowers entirely made from beer can tabs

Nice looking purse made entirely from tops of cans. Pretty amazing..


Colorful home made beer can purse.

This one comes with an mp3 player,




Beer top tan earringsNeed some accessories?

set of earrings and matching necklace made from only beer cans

This is a nice matching accessory set. That’s what I call recycling!

Bracelet made from beer cans

A fashionable designer beer can tab bracelet. If I am being totally honest, I would wear this is if I was a girl.

Hemp and beer can homemade purse
This one uses the bottom of beer or pop cans to give it a little more elegant look.


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