Jewelry From Beer Cans?

Necklace made from a beer can

June Campbell made this Tussie mussie from a beer can. I know what a beer can is, but I sure as hell don’t know what a tussie mussie is.

Making Jewelry from Beer Cans

There are so many creative way to use the beer can it is absolutely ridiculous. Chances are if there is something you want, you can probably make it out of beer cans. This photo shows something that is called a tussie mussie. I have been alive for a while and I haven’t heard of such a thing before, but it apparently is something. I wouldn’t wear it, but I am a guy so….


Beer Can Flowers

Who Needs to water Their garden? Plant some PBR Beer Can Seeds..

This is the ultimate in landscaping for people who neglect plants and watering things. All you need to do is create some beer can flora and you can have all the benefits of a beautiful garden, without all the fuss involved with watering it. I am not sure what would be harder; to make these beer can flowers or to just maintain and water the plants around your house. Chances are, if you are on this website beer can flowers are probably your best option. They don’t sell these at home depot, and they wont cost you anything to water and maintain. After all aluminum came from the ground, flowers come out of the ground.. Who says you don’t have a green thumb?

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