Beer Can Dust Cap for Trailer Hub & Bearings

Using a Beer Can as a Dust Cap for Your Trailer

Keep your trailer bearings clean and well lubricated with a beer can dust cap.

Easy installation of a beer can over your trailer hub. This will keep your bearings clean and in good condition.

The Beer can has yet another great use to save you time and money. It just so happens that a beer can will fit right over the top of most trailer hubs. These are used to keep dirt and dust out of your bearings. If you get sand and dirt in your bearings, your trailer will inevitably have a blowout. This is never a fun situation. About 2 years ago I was traveling across the country with my boat attached. When I got to central Wyoming I saw that my dust cap had slid off. I neglected to fix it for just a couple hours and the centrifugal force had caused all of my bearing grease to fly out the hub. This causes the bearings to get to hot, overheat and inevitably fail. Had I stopped at a rest stop and done this beer can trick, I would have saved myself hours and hours of trouble and a lot of money. The small repair shop I went to charged me hundreds of dollars for a bearing installation. I had also done some damage to the axle. The repair shop didn’t have any dust caps in stock.  I pulled away a few blocks from the musty garage, stopped and installed some beer can dust caps.  They have been there ever since. I took this image today as I was about to inspect my bearings for another long trip across the US.

To Make a Beer Can Dust Cap You Need..

  • A beer can
  • hose clamp
  • Small screw driver
  • Knife
  1. Cut the can with a knife to your desired size.
  2. Put it over your bearing hub
  3. Install a hose clamp over the can securely
  4. Tighten with a screw driver

You will get years of use and protect your precious bearings from dust and dirt.  Most importantly this will keep the grease in your hub where it belongs to keep your trailer bearings well lubricated. There are no limits to what can be accomplished with a beer can!


The Worlds Largest Collection of Beer Cans

The Biggest Vintage Beer Can Collection

The Largest Collection of vintage beer cansIn Central Pennsylvania resides the largest collector of beer cans on the face of the earth! Not only does Jeff own the largest collection, but he rents rooms among them. Its the world famous Brew house Mountain Eco-Inn. If you are planning to be in the central PA area you should check this out. You can find his website and more sweet photos and information at the link below. Its unfortunate I will unlikely ever make it out that way. I think it would be fun to drink a beer in a room surrounded by cans that have been drank by generations of beer drinkers from all over the world. If I do ever end up in the area I would be willing to drive a couple hundred miles or so to stay here. Apparently there are frequently visitors that travel all the way from the other side of the world to visit this huge display of over 80,000 beer cans. This creation took Jeff Lebo and the help of some family and friends years to put together. The house is divided by regions, with each area of the house having cans from a certain Vintage Beer Can collectionarea of the world. This house has been featured on several different TV stations including the history channel, travel channel and many more. This house is truly a stunning piece of history. As you can see by the images the cans are meticulously placed perfectly on shelves. This is a huge 6000 square foot house loaded to the brim with everything a beer can collector could ever dream of.

Are you a beer can collector? If so you are in luck, because this is the guy you need to talk to. Jeff says he has thousands of extra or “doubles” cans for sale or trade. The Spring Thaw Brewery Collectibles Show takes place each March in PA, and Jeff is the co-chairman of the event.  He has collected beer cans most of his life and was finally able to assemble them all into one place to show and admire. He had accumulated for years stashing them in basements and attics in boxes. His dream became a reality in the early 2000’s with the Brew House Mountain Eco Inn.  

For more information visit the

Living in a beer can house.




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