The Beer Can Exhaust Pipe Fix

Fixing your Loud Broken Exhaust using a Beer Can

Fixing exhaust leak with a beer can

Photo Courtesy of: Kneesamo

This is an ever so remarkable way to use beer cans! The photo is not mine, but I have used this trick before. A can is a natural repair material for an exhaust system. The gentleman who took this photo happened to have hose clamps available, but when I did it I think I used coat hangers. ┬áNobody like a loud exhaust (well some people seem to). I doubt I really need to explain how this is done here. Its likely that you can easily figure it out. When I used the beer can exhaust tactic myself I can honestly say it toned down the noise of my broken pipe significantly. However it didn’t last very long, the aluminum can melted a short time after my installation. I don’t know how long the guys fix in the picture lasted. Its likely that you could use a layer of insulation between the can and the exhaust to prevent the can from reaching melting temperature. I guess if you were going to go through all the trouble you might just invest in a thicker material than a can.

Frankly I call this myth BUSTED, cause it works temporarily at best. But if you are stuck in a pinch with no money and a really loud rusted through exhaust this could be a temporary fix. If you layer several cans, or figure out a way to prevent the cans from melting this could easily become a long term cheap solution to an otherwise really expensive problem.


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